Hive Connect specialises in
leveraging our Group’s integrated
marketing solutions and
capabilities across print,
digital and media.

Hive Connect represents the perfect collaboration partner & strategic fit for our clients. By leveraging state-of-the-art digital technologies in print, digital & media, we create seamless customer experiences and provide business solutions for retailers, brands and consumers.

We have unparalleled competency in technology enablement & development. Through our platforms, we enable innovative solutions, products and services that deliver incomparable results to our clients.

The fact that we are able to locate the best technology in the global marketplace and put it into the hands of our customers truly sets us apart. It allows us to guarantee our solutions deliver the kind of ROI which optimises our clients’ business objectives in exceptional fashion.


Hive Connect sees digital technology as a means of unlocking business potential in revolutionary ways.

From immersive and interactive customer experience to effective engagement tactics, we know that user expectations keep growing. We use the term Digital to describe the particularly astute and effective way in which we communicate today. We use our technologies, resources and capabilities to discover, experiment, analyse, create and communicate via data, across any platform or device. Our digital capabilities are:

We identify the opportunities and/or challenges in a business where digital can provide a solution.

Digital Disruption
Enhancing what already works and introducing innovative solutions to old & new challenges in and offline and online environment.

Customer Experience
Facilitate seamless customer experience through interactive content, creative design, development & platforms.

Brand Protection
Fight brand abuse through innovative digital and print to digital solutions, this allows us to enable unique consumer engagement opportunities.

Data & Analytics
Data analytics aimed at informing our clients, to provide a base to leverage to increase ROI on every task at hand.


Globalisation and ever-changing technology are two fundamental forces shaping our world and daily experiences. We enable proprietary tech & deliver licensed solutions to our clients.

We see technology as the intelligent and innovative application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. This application of technology in our business adds immense value to human lives and to our industry. Our approach to tech is to challenge the status quo: we experiment and learn so that we can be the best at delivering the best. We maintain a resolute technological focus for a digital age. Our technology platforms are:

– Uwina
– Link Technology
– IoT
– Digital Asset Management (DAM)


This is where our story becomes particularly compelling.

Although we are all about digital, we still see print as a complex and beautiful visual tool that plays a crucial role in the contemporary media, brand and business mix.

Through our industry-leading partners (Tiso Blackstar & Hirt & Carter Group Solutions), we specialise in Smart, Connected print. Using both our proprietary and licensed print products, we enhance every aspect of a brand’s lifecycle by delivering unique experiences at every touchpoint. Working with significant economies of scale, we deliver globally specialised solutions that reap incomparable rewards for any marketing initiative; making print do more in any environment. With the backing of our powerhouse of print partners, we are able to deliver globally specialized digital print products that make your marketing efforts work that much harder. Our print capabilities are:

Connected Print
Enhance your print marketing through innovative digital interactive technology. Create an immersive experience by connecting the physical print to digital. Print is a creative vehicle to deliver a message! Through connected print, packaging and labels, we enable and activate unique opportunities for retailers & brands to engage with their customers.

Variable Data Printing
Customisation being the keyword! We can produce different versions of your marketing through both print and digital channels. Print that specifically communicates the right message to the right person, as such we improve overall lead generation tactics for our clients.

Brand Protection
Inform, Protect & Connect. Fight brand abuse through our innovative digital and print to digital solutions. The main role of packaging and labels is to protect, inform and contain a product during its lifetime, from manufacture through to point of use. This function is applicable to the vast majority of merchandise whether consumer or industrial product, no matter how or where it will be used.

Packaging and Labelling play a major role in supplying information and instructions in order to convey directives to the user. This is used to identify & authenticate the brand, provide useful data regarding origin and age, and often provide an indication that products have not been tampered with during the distribution cycle.

We inform manufacturers, consumers, customers
We protect against counterfeiting, diversion, substitution, dilution, parallel trading & e-tailer returns.

We connect & create engagement experience through our digital and technology platforms. Customised experiences off each product for each channel.

We deliver a personalised print experience for our clients. We will deploy your very own print store! The best thing about web2print is that we can automate the estimating process, offer viable & variable solutions, reduce time between enquiry and quotation, and reduce human error. Basically, an advanced e-commerce for print.


The Hirt|Carter Group harnesses the power and abilities of all its members, to provide a united front of holistic and innovative service offerings that provide bespoke, end-to-end solutions throughout the retail space. As part of the Tiso Blackstar Group, we also offer strategic media partnering with some of the biggest brands and channels in the country.


Our team is comprised of highly motivated and seriously skilled change evangelists in the digital context. We are not a monolithic group of people but a sleek, efficient constellation of variously focused business units. We have a scaled team throughout our collaborative partnerships and a core team dedicated to developing and enabling innovative technology in the digital space. Pure and simple: our team is driven by the ability of digital technology to build brands and create immersive experiences. We do what we love and we love what we do.

Chantal Donnelly
Head of Digital

Promoting Digital Transformation in our industry. Chantal is a digital enthusiast & an enabler of technology. With over 20 years of experience in the print, media, advertising and retail industry, digital has become her lifeblood. A workaholic mom of one incredible kid and our digital advocate. Greatest passion – Family & Travel.

Thulebona Mcnube
Business Analysis and Development Manager

Thulebona is passionate about offering business solutions to solve business problems through engagement and collaboration. Thulebona has worked in different industries over the years with work experience in IT Management, Print Supply Chain, Marketing Communications and General Business Management. He is currently doing his Master’s in Business Administration.

Mhleli Tenza
Content Manager

A certified digital marketer, with a special interest in effective content marketing. Mhleli has worked in both agency and corporate. He calls himself a pregnant man with a nonstop craving to learn and give birth to innovative solutions. His craving has resulted in numerous communication-related qualifications. He enjoys writing poetry, watching movies and spending time with his loved ones. Clearly a new dad! Soon to be super father!